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Oilfield skids are designed to be handled or picked up by forklifts and keep items from touching messy warehouse floors or dirty bottom of truck trailers. They comprise of a top where these items sit and a number of low legs that support the upper surface. As they are constantly exposed to lots of wear and tear and harsh environmental conditions, they need to be properly insulated to prolong their lifespan.

Who do you trust when it comes to oilfield skid insulation?

Oilfield skid insulation is no small undertaking and an experienced professional is required to handle the task. Unless you are an expert contractor yourself, you surely can’t be expected to be trusted with such a massive undertaking. Luckily a number of specialists can be found online who have the expertise and tools that are needed to get skids looking like new in no time. With these experts, there is no more back work due to shoddily done work or even guesswork. These specialists get it done right the first time and exceed the client’s expectations.

The insulation process

Once hired, an expert starts by thoroughly examining the skids in question so as to determine if there are damages that could lead to further issues. The necessary repairs are carried out in this stage. It is only after this examination and repairs that he then settles for an insulation technique that works best for the said oilfield skids. A lot of planning and work goes into the insulation process than you may ever think about. But with an experienced professional, you can rest assured that your skids will be looking better than when you got started.

Insulation process starts by applying spray foam under the skid so as to create a thermal break. This break acts as an effective barrier between the wet and hot conditions under the skid and the dry and cold atmosphere above them.


Upon applying the spray foam, the issues of a slippery surface are solved. Not only this, rust and collision problems on the skids are effectively fixed. Workers also enjoy a relatively comfortable temperature inside the oilfield skids and the likelihood of slip and fall accidents are drastically reduced. As spray foam used in oilfield skids insulation is made from extra tough materials, they offer enhanced protection against pest damage and harsh climatic elements such as hailstorms, rains, snow and many more. This means that you won’t need to repeat the insulation once done, providing you with more peace of mind.

What happens if an oilfield skid is not insulated?

A lot of issues arise if oilfield skids are not insulated something that eventually affects the productivity in an oilfield in the long run. Remember that unprotected oilfield skids end up creating a slippery floor in a work surface, a situation that is quite dangerous for everyone working in such conditions as the chances of fatal injuries and accidents are greatly increased.

What about the costs?

Insulation of oilfield skids is a job that is best left to the experts as they have the required expertise and tools. But before rushing to hire one, it is good to note that being involved in this kind of a project is a huge emotional and financial investment. So you may want to take your time to do some checks on different prospective contractors as they come with varying charges and experiences. Perform some checks on their references, credentials and workmanship. There are a number of online sources where you can read reviews about their qualifications.

In conclusion, there are more advantages to insulating an oilfield skid than disadvantages. So call an expert insulation contractor and have yours custom-insulated today!