Published by f1rst on December 18, 2014 | Blog

1. Electrical repairs

Unless you are a qualified and experienced electrician, you should never attempt to repair electrical faults at your home. Making electrical adjustments require expertise and the use of the right tools that can only be found in an expert electrician’s toolbox. There are simply too many technicalities to attempt electrical repairs in your home on your own. Someone however needs to make sure that things are wired correctly throughout the house, circuit breakers are not overworked and wires not over-heated. You need to hire a certified electrician to handle all this. This expert has right and advanced electrical knowledge to perform the job correctly.

2. Breaking down a wall to open up more space

Unless you are a qualified mason or construction expert, you should never attempt to break down a wall in your house to open up more space. Walls in general support structure of a structure, homes included. This means support and weight-bearing walls have to be dealt with accordingly. An expert contractor with in-depth understanding of the structure of the building needs to be hired for this task. This is because he is able to identify cosmetic walls versus support walls and thus getting the job done right.

3. Renovating or building a bathroom

Bathroom improvement tasks that don’t involve installing or uninstalling of the plumbing lines can be handled by most homeowners. For anything more complicated, an experienced plumber need to be hired. If this sort of a job is incorrectly handled, then it causes a lot more headaches than it is worth. Improperly installed pipes lead to leaks that drip through the drywall causing water damage throughout the house.

4. Basement finishing

Basement renovations are a serious matter that if incorrectly done, the results can be quite unsightly and expensive to reverse. Before putting up a new flooring or walls in this section of your home, you need a professional to check and make sure that the insulation is done right and there are no leaks or cracks on the floor or in the foundation. Apart from this, you will need an electrician to take care of the electrical part of the renovations.

5. Marble or granite surfaces improvement

When working with expensive materials such as marble or granite, it is best to hire a professional contractor to do the measurements and installation. If you decide to go for it but make a mistake while at it, the cost is too high to make it worthwhile.

6. Renovating windows

There is no shortage of professional window installers who can replace your windows at a very low cost. If you decide to do it yourself, and make a mistake while at it, this could lead to air leakages letting cold and hot air escape, ultimately raking up your utility bills.

As you can see, some house renovations in Calgary are best left in the capable hands of professionals than opting for the do-it-yourself option. Mistakes in the mentioned home improvement activities can be quite costly to reverse and can often lead to serious injuries. You do not want that, do you?