Attic Insulation

Did you know that a poorly insulated attic could be costing you 20% or more on your heating bills?

It’s easy to forget about the attic, tucked up above the ceilings, out of sight. But the roof over your head could be responsible for making your home uncomfortably cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

What you should know about your attic insulation:

  • Thickness: the insulation in your attic should ideally be at least 14” thick. Go upstairs with a tape measure and check – you might be surprised to find as little as 3” or 4” in your attic, particularly if you live in an older home. Anything less than 14” means that you are losing valuable heat and untold dollars through your ceilings.
  • Compression happens: when new insulation is installed it has a given R-value (the amount of insulation it provides). But batting and some kinds of loose fill compress and lose their R-value over the first 2-5 years. Over time you will be losing more and more heat through your attic. Our fibreglass loose fill is blown into a precise depth and density and it does not settle. The R-value you start with is the same R-value you will be enjoying for years to come.

If your home is cold, and your energy bills are high there’s a very high chance your insulation is not doing its job. The attic is typically the area where new insulation provides the highest return on your investment.

Learn more about spray foam insulation here.

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Take the tape measure test and see if your attic insulation measures up. If you have less than 14”, Request a Quote today, or phone (403) 215 5977 (Southern Alberta) or (780) 989 3500 (Northern Alberta).