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As necessary as it is, drywall installation can be troublesome and costly. But what defines failure or success and the conveniences or inconveniences of achieving this almost always relies on the choices made by the homeowner. A homeowner may choose to install the drywall himself or leave the job in the capable hands of a professional, with the latter being the better choice for the clueless. Most homeowners cannot do a perfect job in this type of installation due to lack of all the necessary equipments or tools, and limited knowledge. The whole installation job becomes more costly due to increased back jobs and short lifespan of the improperly done drywall.

Should you hire an expert drywall installer or opt for DIY option?

Having the job done by people who do it daily and not having to do anything else but monitor the progress of the task at hand and pay for all installation costs is much easier than doing the backbreaking job yourself. This choice however has its own loopholes.

Selecting the wrong contractor can lead to increased costs of all sorts, for instance, hiked hidden costs, poor quality of work, job delays, surprise charges and many more. This being the case, it is important to hire a contractor who exudes ideal qualities such as expertise, professionalism and reliability. But how do you ensure that you are getting what you are paying for? How do you make sure that you are getting a quality to last you ages and not something that require constant repairs every other year? Here are some things that could help you find the right contractor.

Price comparison

The majority of contractors offer free price quotes to their clients. So don’t hesitate to make some phone calls to drywall installers in your area and schedule an on-site quotation. Having an expert installer right at your place to help determine what is needed and how much his services on drywall tapping cost per square foot will give you not only the best price comparison, but will also you give a chance to evaluate him and his workers. And remember, choosing the cheapest installer in the industry doesn’t necessary mean getting the best or the worst types of services. A good deal is getting affordable services and quality end results that are worth the price tag that come with it.

Services on offer

A good indicator of a reliable and trustworthy installer is the variety of related services on offer. Though not necessary the truth, an installer’s ability to do more complex types of services, for example sound insulation, is likely to tell you he is trained for efficiency in his area of specialization.


Word-of-mouth and first-hand experience are more reliable than depending on the biggest billboards or fanciest yellow pages in drywall installer selection. So ask around from your family and close circle of friends about their experience with an installer before for him for the job at hand. If you can, make sure to see the results of his previous work before settling on him. Check how much it cost, how well it is done and decide for yourself if it is well worth the set price tag.

Materials used

The materials used are one of the best ways to gauge for the quality of a drywall installer. The best contractors use only the most appropriate and quality materials available. Not only this, they also use standard quality tools for all their services.

Time frame

How soon can a potential drywall contractor get the job done? This is a very important question to answer when choosing a drywall installer. Like in any other home construction project, time is of the essence. You don’t want your daily home routines interrupted by existing construction. So ask a potential contractor how much time he need for the size of the project to be done.