Published by f1rst on December 18, 2014 | Blog

The time frame and price put on the quotation are some of the best ways to gauge how honest and professional a potential contractor is. So when choosing a professional drywall contractor, it is recommended to pay close attention to his promises. If he guarantees a time frame that is shorter than that of other contractors, then chances are he is a novice in the business, and who should be avoided at all costs.

2. Can you provide proof of liability insurance?

You need to ensure that your contractor offers you a proof he has liability insurance prior to hiring him. This covers you for financial loss in case you pay and then he is unable to satisfy you due to one reason or another, for example he dies, run away or become insolvent.

3. Have you ever been declared insolvent?

A contractor who has been declared broke at some point is not recommended for your project as he might not the financial capabilities to finish the job. Remember that this kind of a drywall repair contractor may disappear without warning leaving you with a half-finished project. This means you are forced to look for another contractor willing to complete the stalled job, something that greatly wastes your time.

4. Do you have any past or current disputes with the relevant authorizing bodies or with a former client?

This might seem an obvious question, however, it is a very important one and that is best answered before the start of any work at your place. It let you know about the contractor’s general professionalism and reliability as well as the quality of their work.

5. Do you work in the same area I reside in?

This question might seem self-explanatory to a lot of people, however, with most of them, it is never asked. A potential contractor might not be interested in a project that is far from his office as he will be forced to travel. This also means that he might be forced to hire sub-contractors that he is not familiar with. These workers might not be up to standards, something that most professional contractors would rather not have and try to avoid at all times.

6. Who will supervise the drywall project?

This question is particularly important in that the project manager or supervisor is the person who keeps things running smoothly and ensures that everyone is honest. When on site, high quality of work is guaranteed. So look into his track record including duration at current employment and past experiences.

7. What are some of your recently finished projects and references?

Try and see for yourself the recently completed drywall projects by the contractor. If this isn’t possible, then at the very least, talk with the past clients and if possible, make a point of personally viewing the done work.

After having the above questions answered, it is time you hired the contractor of your choice. The best way to find the best drywall contractors anywhere is either through your close friends, family members or on websites that offer verifiable previous customer reviews. Of course it is good to remember that no one is perfect, so make your decision based on a thorough research.